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1. 2. 1. Xenakis: Rebonds and other Works for Percussion Solo Works by Tanaka, Deane, Huber, Reifeneder, Henze, Carter, Xenakis. Order Nr.: 3-6569-2
Play! Track 16: Iannis Xenakis: "Rebonds", Part B
    KOCH International

2. Percussion in Concert vol.1
Works by Milhaud, Hummel and Creston. Order Nr.: 3-6415-2H1
Play! Track 7: Hummel, Concert for percussion and orchestra, Op.70 KOCH International
3. 4. 3. Percussion in Concert vol.2
Works by Redel, Donatoni, Fink, Tanaka. Order Nr.: 3-1811-2
KOCH International

4. Drum Together
Works by Wilmington, Cage, Schmitt, Xenakis, Mini and Weisz Order Nr.: 8573-85877-2  KOCH International
   Play! Track 1: Dean Wilmington: "Heat"
   Play! Track 3: Matthias Schmidt: "Ghanaia"
   Play! Track 6: Nandor Weisz: "Improvisation Lating"